Sake: karatamba honjozo

Sake sommelier’s comments

Ozeki’s unique brewing technology enables “kARATAMBA” to have a clear and clean flavour with a dry taste that can be matched with any cuisine, and it brings out the taste of food. “Karatamba” is the superb Honjozo-shu that can be  served in various ways regardless of the season. you can enjoy the excellent taste of karatamba honjozo sake with various seasonal cuisines.

Food Pairing

Spicy dishes, oysters or calamari.


Product name: Karatamba

Size                  : 1.8L, 720ml or 300ml

ALC                 : 15%

Acidity            : 1.4

Sake Type

Sweet |——–|——–|——–|——–|——-|——*|Dry

Serving Temperature

Chilled(40°F~50°F)   : ***

Room Temp                 : ***

Warm(105°F~120°F): ***

Hot(125°F~140°F)    :*

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