Sake: Yamada-Nishiki Tokubetsu Junmai

Sake sommelier’s comment

Mellow and dry tokubetsu junta-shu that keeps the original taste of rice.

Yamada-nishiki is the brand name of the most supreme specialised rice for sake brewing. All rice used for this sake is Yamada-Nishiki grown in Hyogo prefecture. “Yamada-Nishiki” is a mellow and dry Tokubetsu Junmai-shu that is brewed by carefully polishing the rice with Ozeki’s traditional brewing technology, and it keeps the mild aroma and mellow flavour that rice originally contains.

Food Pairing

Sautéed mussels, fatty tuna sashimi, sushi or rolls.


Product name: Yamada-Nishiki

Size                  : 1.8L, 700ml or 300ml

ALC                 : 14%

Acidity            : 1.6

Sake Type

Sweet |——–|——–|——–|——–|—*—-|——–|Dry

Serving Temperature

Chilled(40°F~50°F)   : ***

Room Temp                 : *

Warm(105°F~120°F): ***

Hot(125°F~140°F)    :

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